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Hunters Creek Ob/Gyn Pa

3000 Hunters Creek Blvd
Orlando, FL 32837

Phone: (407) 812-7048

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Hunters Creek Ob/Gyn Pa

Bedside Manner: ****

Knowledge: ****

Punctuality: ***

Appointment Availability: *****


l, orlando,fl - 07/13/2011

This was my first visit to this practice. I got there in perfect time, since within 5 minutes of my arrival the waiting room had standing room only. The atmosphere was overall quiet. The area was like new , clean, and quaint. The front desk and bathroom was in the waiting area, leaving little to privacy. I had about an hour wait before being seen.

My visit was with Krishelle Ruiz, a nurse practitioner. She was extremely friendly, patient, AND knowledgeable. I felt comfortable with her. She did a thorough medical history, and talked about general health concerns in addition to gyn. We spoke for at least 25 minutes, and the exam itself took a mere 3 minutes or so.

So far , so good as far as a choice in facilities.

Hope this helps....

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Anne, Anne - 02/06/2014

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